World Changing Virtual Village Just a Change of Perception Away

Without doubt, the Internet has been a giant leap for humankind, but its fullest potential has yet to be fulfilled for the greater and greatest good. So claim the people at OurNet who believe the Web can nourish the best aspects of humanity and its potential, despite disturbing trends like ‘fake news’ and trolling.

OurNet is heralding a new way forward for humanity’s greatest technological achievement as concerns grow about the corporatisation, de-humanisation and centralisation of cyberspace.

“OurNet is a ‘virtual village’ that works for all, not just for some – a new context and culture that re-humanises, refines and rewards the best of what we can be,” claims founder and visionary Michael Brodie who originally conceived the idea as a crowd sourced, crowd edited, online news magazine, over ten years ago.

While some might see this as a course-correction for the Web, Brodie thinks it’s more than that: “OurNet isn’t a new flavour of an old system that’s not working,” he says. “What I’m up for, what I think we’re all up for, is ‘a world that works’. A new harmony for humankind, empowered by the Internet and the power it brings to people”.

“The resources and technology are in place. There’s enough for everyone on this planet. What’s needed is a new context or consciousness for us to live together more intelligently, more peacefully, more creatively. OurNet provides that context,” he adds.

The ‘Virtual Village’ of OurNet’s social media platform will restore the values, relationships and community spirit of the traditional village to a disconnected and disparate world, turbocharged by the technology of the Internet.

In operation, users will be able to create their own online ‘village’, tuned to their interests, location and responsibilities, or visit other ‘villages’ all over the world to share, chat, collaborate and entertain each other - developing real communities that thrive.

The current mass media obsession with truth will give way to peer-generated trust as communities of every kind - from the smallest special interest group to the largest political constituencies - will be encouraged to use OurNet uncensored, yet regulated by ‘peer refinement’. Sharing which brings the greatest good will meet with the greatest elevation and reward.

Community members will be rewarded with a unique cryptocurrency for contribution and curation of content, which can be used to buy site services, be tradable with other users, and exchangeable for other currencies at off-site exchanges.

“We’re excited, inspired and ready to grow our development team,” says Michael Brodie. “We want to hear from people the world over who are ready to connect, collaborate and create the world that works for all that we know in our hearts is possible. The benefits of a re-humanised, truly-democratised and de-centralised Internet are just a change of perception away...”

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