Archive: The Barefoot Broadcast website spiel for Carl, circa 2010

Founder, Presenter and Executive Producer of The Barefoot Broadcast...

...and ambassador for some of the UK's most talented Mind-Body-Spirit/New Age speakers, authors and experts.

T. 00 44 (0)7946 183940


Self-confessed 80's one-hit-wonder pop star (only the most dedicated dance-music fan would remember DJ Ping Pong who played Bill the Flower-pot Man in the video), Carl left the music industry a little hurt, thinking: "there must be more to life".

What effectively turned out to be a post-Top-of-the-Pops mid-life crisis caused him to look deep within and take a twenty-year tour of anything and everything to do with spirituality, the environment and wellbeing.

Now in his 40's, and having struck a happy medium (who - as a believer in karma - has decided not to press charges), Carl is the self-proclaimed daddy of 'Pop Spirituality' - a movement that unites New Age prophecy, a global sense of un-ease and the fact that yesterday's weird is today's slightly difficult and tomorrow's normal...

Here's BBC Radio 2's Johnnie Walker and Janey Lee Grace talking about Carl's LoLi-Boomer idea

And here's his Hedolist Manifesto

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